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Jafri bin Mohd. Rohani

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Principal Quality Engineering Consultant/Trainer/Facilitator
1. M.Sc ( Industrial & Systems Engineering )              ( Ohio University, USA,1995 )
2. B.Sc ( Hons ) ( Industrial Engineering ) ( New Mexico State University, USA, 1988 )
3. B.Sc ( Hons ) ( Mathematical Statistics ) ( New Mexico State University, USA, 1988 )

“ The Development and Analysis of Quality Control Adjustment Schemes For Process Regulation” ( Ohio University, USA, 1995 )

1. Licensed Methods-Time Measurement ( MTM-1) Blue Card Grade A, Certified and Approved by MTM Assoc. Ltd.
2. Member, American Society of Quality (ASQ, USA)
3. Member, Malaysian Ergonomic Society

1. “Process Mean Shift in Plastic Injection Moulding Process”, Presented at First Regional Symposium On Quality and Automation, May 4-5, 2000, USM Penang
2. “Quality Improvement in an Injection Moulding Company by Using Process Failure Mode Effect Analysis(PFMEA)”, Presented at First Regional Symposium On Quality and Automation, May 4-5, 2000, USM Penang
3. “ A Design of Experiments(DOE) Approach of Manufacturing Process for an Injection Moulded Post”, Presented at International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing Technology, August 16-17, 2000, Johor Bahru
4. “Characterisation of a Solder Paste Printing Process Using Taguchi Method"” Presented at International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing Technology, August 16-17, 2000, Johor Bahru
5. “Web-Based Statistical Process Control (SPC): A Proposal”, Presented at International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing Technology, August 16-17, 2000, Johor Bahru
6. “Productivity Improvement in an U-shaped Manual Assembly Cell”, Published at Jurnal Teknologi UTM, Jun 2000
7. “Characterisation of a wave soldering process using Taguchi Method”, Published at Jurnal Mekanikal UTM, December, 2000
8. “Applikasi Mesin FMEA ( Failure Mode and Effect Analysis: Kajian Kes di Kilang Keluli”, Published at Journal Teknologi UTM, Jun., 2001
9. “Peningkatan Kualiti dan Produktiviti di Kilang Keluli Menggunakan Kaedah SPC (Statistical Process Control)”, Published at Journal Teknologi UTM, Jun., 2001
10. “The development and analysis of quality control adjustment schemes for process regulation”, M.Sc. Thesis, Ohio University, USA, 1995
11. “Quality Function Deployment on product development”, presented at National Design Seminar, Johor Bahru, Jan, 2001
12. “GDT: A Designer “unutilized” tool”, presented at National Design Seminar, Jan, 2001
13. “Application of QFD in developing OSH training package”, Asia-Pacific International Conference, 2001, Kuala Lumpur
14. “A development of integrating Total Safety Management (TSM) and Total Quality Management (TQM)”, presented at NIOSH 4th., 2001, Kuala Lumpur
15. “Application of QFD in office chair design”, Malaysian Ergonomic Conference, 2001, Intel, Penang.
16. “Total safety management (TSM) in high-rise construction industries”, presented at NIOSH 4th. 2001, Kuala Lumpur
17. “A continuous teaching improvement plan by using QFD based on student’s perspective”, presented at UTM konvention, 2001, Johor Bahru
18. “Reducing Maintenance Costs by Using SPC Tools”,Persidangan 1st.Kebangsaan Keushawanan dan Perniagaan Kecil, 2001, Langkawi
19. “Improving quality with basic Statistical Process Control (SPC) Tools: A Case study, Jurnal Teknologi, UTM, Dis., 2001 
20. “Peningkatan kualiti rekabentuk kerusi sekolah rendah dengan mengintergrasikan Kaedah QFD dan Kejuruteraan Nilai, Jurnal Teknologi, UTM, Dis.,2001
21. “Integrating QFD and Cost Worth Analysis in maintenance environment”, 3rd. Malaysian Ergonomic Conference, June, 2002, Johor Bahru
22. “A development of integrating Total Safety Management (TSM) and Total Quality Management (TQM)”, paper selected for publications in Bulletin NIOSH, April, 2002
23. “Total safety management (TSM) in high-rise construction industries”, paper selected for publications in Bulletin NIOSH, Dec. 2001
24. “Ketepatan kaedah pengkosan berasaskan aktiviti (ABC) berbanding kaedah pengkosan tradisional dalam pengkosan produk: Pemangkin kepada program 6-sigma”,  Jurnal Teknologi, UTM, Dis.,2002
25. “Meningkatkan daya saing  industri kecil dan sederhana melalui aplikasi kaedah integrasi     pembangunan fungsi kualiti dan analisis nilai produk”, Persidangan 2nd.Kebangsaan Keushawanan dan Perniagaan Kecil, 2002, Langkawi
26. “Pengurusan berdasarkan aktiviti: satu penyelesaian efektif kepada usaha pengurangan kos dan dan peningkatan prestasi kewangan syarikat IKS di Malaysia”, Persidangan 2nd.Kebangsaan Keushawanan dan Perniagaan Kecil, 2002, Langkawi
27. “Simulating an integrated ABC and Six Sigma: A tutorial”, paper presented at 19th. International conference on CAD/CAM, Robotics, and Factories of the Future, 22-24 July, 2003, Kuala Lumpur  
28. “Quality improvement using Six-Sigma Methodology”,paper presented at 19th. International conference on CAD/CAM, Robotics, and Factories of the Future, 22-24 July, 2003, Kuala Lumpur.
29. “Quality assessment of hollow prototypes model in fused deposition modeling”, paper presentedat 19th. International conference on CAD/CAM, Robotics, and Factories of the Future, 22-24 July, 2003, Kuala Lumpur.
30. “A plastic injection molding process characterization using experimental design technique: A case study”, paper accepted for publication, Journal Teknologi UTM, December, 2003
1. Co-Principal Researcher, A development of internet- Based Statistical Process Control, completed, year   2001. Amount awarded: RM 20,000 from UTM (Vot #: :71708)
2. Principal Researcher, An integration of lean manufacturing and six sigma for small and medium size industries, completed 2003.  Amount awarded: RM 20,000  from UTM (Vot #: 71870)
3. Researcher, An application of DOE in Selective Laser  Sentering in Rapid Protyping Procces, completed 2004    Amount awarded: RM 14,000 from UTM (Vot #: :71892)
4. Principal Investigator,  A Practical methodology to the use of Advanced Statistical Quality Improvement Techniques(ASQIT) for small and medium size industries (SMI), completed 2005.  Amount awarded: RM 139,600 from Kementerian Sains dan Teknologi  (IRPA Vot #: 74067)

Production and Industrial Engineering Department Universiti Teknologi Malaysia January 1991 to present
  • Developed and lectured the course in Advanced Quality Engineering ( Design of Experiments, Quality Function Deployment, FMEAs, etc )for the department
  • Supervised the Master and B.Eng thesis students ( Program Perdana ) and SPACE students in the areas of design of Experiments ( DOE ), Total Productive Maintenance ( TPM ), Failure Mode effect Analysis ( FMEA ), Quality Function Deployment ( QFD ), Statistical Process Control ( SPC ), other advanced quality engineering tools( Six Sigma Improvement Methodology)
  • Obtained a Teaching Effectiveness Rating ( TER ) of 4.59 out of 5.00, above Faculty average ( 4.36 ) and University average ( 4.25 ). (TER is a computerised evaluation made by students at the end of each semester )
  • Trained 25 employees (managers, engineers and supervisors) of VACUUMSCHMELZE (M) Sdn. Bhd(in-house training)., Pontian, Johor  on 2-day short course on Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing(GDT), October, 2000.
  • Trained 25 employees (managers, engineers) of PCA Technology (M) Sdn. Bhd(in-house training)., Tampoi, Johor  on 2-day short course on Design of Experiment(DOE), 23rd. August & 6th. September, 2003.
  • Conducted half-a-day Technical Talk On Integration of Quality Function Deployment(QFD) and Value Engineering(managers, engineers) for Sapura Technical Center, Seksyen 13, Kawasan Perindustrian Bangi, Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor On 28 March, 2003 
  • Regular Facilitator for 2-day Module Quantitative Methods II For Certificate Quality Engineer(CQE) Programme organized by UTM-BATC:
    • On 17 & 18 January, 2004 (Kuala Lumpur)
    • On 7 & 8 February, 2004 (Penang), 
    • On 18 & 19 December, 2004(Kuala Lumpur) 
  • Conducted 3-day Module Statistical Process Control Programme for Puspatri, Pasir Gudang On 31st March, 1-2 April, 2004
  • Conducted 1-day Module Failure Mode Effect  Analysis(FMEA) Awareness Programme for   Puspatri, Pasir Gudang On 14 April, 2004
  • Conducted 3-day Module Six Sigma Improvement  Methodology and Tools Programme(in-house training for managers, engineers) for  Energizer (M) Sdn. Bhd, Tampoi, Johor On 8-10 September, 2004 Together with National Productivity Corporation
  • Conducted 3-day Module Six Sigma Improvement  Methodology and Tools Programme(in-house training for branch managers, executives) for   Bank Simpanan Nasional Headquarters On 12-14  October, 2004 Together with National Productivity Corporation.
  • Conducted 2-day Workshop Failure Mode Effect  Analysis(FMEA) (in-house training for managers, engineers)for Malaysia Airport Berhad, Sepang
    • On 1-2 June,  2005 (First Batch) 
    • In July, 2005 (Second Batch)
TEXAS Instrument (M) Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur
  • July, 1990 – Jan, 1991
    • Initiated and Developed Yield Improvement Program for Thermostat and Motor Control Related Product
    • Diagnosed and Troubleshoot any process, machine/equipment related problem including jigs/fixture design
    • Developed and prepared tool and equipment capacity planning for manufacturing forecast
    • Lead a team in process/product in quality, productivity and cost improvement.

Astec (M) Sdn Bhd, Kuantan, Pahang
  • Nov, 1988 – July, 1990
    • Design and Developed Process Assembly Charts For New Product “ Switching Power Supplies”
    • Developed and prepared new line planning and set-up including facilities planning
    • Developed time standard, line balancing, line layout for new product introductions
    • Incharged on machine capacity analysis, facilities Planning & Jigs/Fixture Design
Specialization in Training & Performance Improvement Consultancy include:
  • Mastering TQM Tools & techniques : 7QC Tools, 7 Management & Planning Tools, Statistical Process Control (SPC), Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Creative Problem Solving Process & Applications
  • Advanced Quality Engineering Tools, include Design of Experiments ( Classical & Taguchi Methods ), FMEA, Quality Function Deployment (QFD)
  • Statistical Process Control for Short Run
  • Measurement System Analysis ( Gage R & R )
  • Applied Statistic for Process Understanding
  • Methods of Cost Reductions
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Six-Sigma Tools and Applications
  • Multiple Regression Analysis
  • Statistical Data Analysis